BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Haralds Millers

🎬 We are pleased to present the 12th episode of Riga Business School’s Bottom Line Studio’s second season, titled “When Energy Moves: The Impact of Energy Sector Changes.” In this episode, we welcome Haralds Millers, Business Development Manager at Sadales tīkls, who will share his knowledge of the energy sector and discuss how the changes affect other industries. Elina Tiliba, a Success coach, will host the discussion. Haralds and Elina are both graduates of the RBS professional MBA program. 🔋🌍 Haralds Millers is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in renewable energy, strategy and implementation, business development, innovation, and sales. 🌱🔌 Haralds’ passion for renewable energy and sustainability is also evident in his participation in the “World Energy Council Future Energy Leaders in Latvia” program. As a member of the program’s Batch No.1, Haralds is helping to inspire young professionals to address future energy challenges and strengthen Latvia’s positions and global visibility in the energy sector. Join this captivating discussion, delivering valuable insights for those with an interest in the energy sector and how changes in it affect other sectors.