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BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Haralds Millers

🎬 We are pleased to present the 12th episode of Riga Business School’s Bottom Line Studio’s second season, titled “When Energy Moves: The Impact of Energy Sector Changes.” In this episode, we welcome Haralds Millers, Business Development Manager at Sadales tīkls, who will share his knowledge of the energy sector and discuss how the changes affect other industries. Elina Tiliba, a Success coach, will host the discussion. Haralds and Elina are both graduates of the RBS professional MBA program. 🔋🌍 Haralds Millers is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in renewable energy, strategy and implementation, business development, innovation, and sales. 🌱🔌 Haralds’ passion for renewable energy and sustainability is also evident in his participation in the “World Energy Council Future Energy Leaders in Latvia” program. As a member of the program’s Batch No.1, Haralds is helping to inspire young professionals to address future energy challenges and strengthen Latvia’s positions and global visibility in the energy sector. Join this captivating discussion, delivering valuable insights for those with an interest in the energy sector and how changes in it affect other sectors.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Paula Elksne

🎬Get ready for the Bottom Line Studio video podcast, brought to you by the RBS Community! Join us for an enlightening conversation between Dāvis Indriksons, a talented RBS Bachelor of Business Administration student, and the accomplished Paula Elksne, Director at Education Innovation Lab and an alumna of RBS’s bachelor’s and master’s programs. 📚In this episode, Paula will share her insights and experiences on working in the field of education in both Latvia and the United States, including her time as a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Paula also stands as a co-founder of the RBS Networking Dinner concept, and is delighted to witness its comeback. Despite a two-year hiatus imposed by the pandemic, Riga Business School is set to resume its flagship annual event.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Agnese Kazāka

Dāvis Indriksons, a second-year Bachelor of Business Administration program student, will lead the next Bottom Line Studio podcast episode and will meet Agnese Kazāka, an ambitious and creative personality. She graduated from the same program as our episode moderator. Agnese Kazāka is the Co-Founder of 100% natural high-quality knitwear brand “for lovers and trees” which has the goal to inspire exploring and experiencing nature. She has had more than 3 years’ experience working as Marketing Manager at the leading luxury loungewear brand in Latvia – Amoralle. As Agnese Kazāka describes herself – she is obsessed with creating the best brand experience and fulfilling the customers’ desires. That is why the episode will explore topics on bringing value to customers and brand storytelling. She will also discuss her experience transitioning from a manager to an entrepreneur, among other topics.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Andris Grafs

Welcome to the Bottom Line Studio’s first episode of the new 2023 year! Claudio Rivera, RBS Deputy Director will moderate the episode and will hold a conversation with a recent Executive MBA alumnus – Andris Grafs. On a daily basis, he is involved in the operations of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance as its Vice President. Both Claudio and Andris are passionate about leadership. Claudio helps Executive MBA students at Riga Business School with their Leadership Development Practicum, but Andris is more focused on corporate governance. And because of this, they will dwell on the topic of leadership as an experiment. We wish that this semester is filled with many insightful and reflective conversations. Let’s meet you every third Wednesday Live on Facebook or YouTube! After, search us on the biggest podcast platforms to listen to the audio version.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Kaspars Rožkalns

We can’t believe how quickly this semester has gone by! We are pleased to announce the final episode of the video podcast for this semester, the last episode of Bottom Line Studio this year before the leave for winter break. This episode will be moderated by RBS BBA student and Student Union president Dāvis Indriksons. He will interview a current Executive MBA student Kaspars Rozkalns who also happens to be the Director General at Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra – LIAA). In this episode we will be asking Kaspars about: the Step-by-step process of starting and building a business in Latvia, what is LIAA and how it can help businesses grow in Latvia, the current business environment in Latvia, and what it takes to grow a business as an entrepreneur. Kaspars has been working in LIAA for nearly 8 years where he is focusing on increasing export and the competitiveness of Latvian companies, facilitating foreign investment, and implementing tourism development and innovation policies. Currently, Kaspars Rožkalns is also studying in the RBS Executive MBA program. Prior to working at LIAA, Kaspars was working in the private sector and even was the entrepreneur of “Easypaint” for 5 years where he was offering transportation and logistics, recreational activities, and marketing campaigns.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Inese Eglīte

This year, only two video podcast episodes remain to be aired! Don’t miss out this one! Inese Eglīte as a guest, together with this week’s podcast episode moderator Elīna Tiliba, will cover a very challenging yet intriguing topic – should you manage your boss? As a marketing executive, Inese Eglīte has managed various leading companies in the manufacturing and service industries. She is a member of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet board of directors and has been a member of the LNOB management team since 2013. Inese is a close RBS Community member; she is a Riga Business School graduate and has been an Associate professor at RBS since 2001. She taught Marketing Management many years before switching to Power and Influence in Organizations.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Annija Paula Ezergaile

We are preparing to air the fifth episode – the fifth case study of the video podcast Bottom Line Studio run by the RBS Community. Claudio Rivera, RBS Bachelor programs director will have a conversation with one of his former students, Annija Paula Ezergaile. They will explore the topic of employer branding. For almost 6 years, Annija has worked at strategic HR and communications consulting agency ERDA. She has helped some of the largest Latvian companies to develop their employer branding and recruitment strategies. However, in recent years, the focus has been mostly on projects about internal culture – building company purpose, vision, mission, values, and goals and helping to transform and change the existing cultures for a better employee experience. Alongside ERDA, Annija has always been passionate about people development. Therefore, for around 10 years she has worked at an NGO teaching systemic thinking and problem-solving skills to schoolchildren. Annija was one of the co-founders of the RBS Alumni Mentoring program initiative after graduating from RBS. The program had a good start that was interrupted by the pandemic. But the great news is that the program will resume in a couple of weeks! Tune in to hear more on November 16 at 4PM – Live on Facebook or YouTube.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Viesturs Kuļikovskis

For the fourth episode of the second season, we welcome our Bachelor of Business Administration student Dāvis Indriksons, who will moderate a discussion with Viesturs Kuikovskis about the best practices that students can take away from their studies at Riga Business School and further implement in their personal and professional life. Viesturs is an entrepreneur and a socially responsible person who is interested in investing time and resources in various business and non-profit activities. He is not only an RBS Professional MBA Alumnus, but he is also active in education development in Latvia as an RBS Advisory Board member, as well as an investor with investments in residential real estate development, hospitality, and financial technology. Viesturs has business and life experience in banking and risk management, as well as managerial and finance consulting in numerous successful business transactions since 2001.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Māris Žunda

The third episode of the Bottom Line Studio podcast will focus on a case study on health performance habits. One of the most important intelligence for the twenty-first century is health intelligence. It is critical for leaders and managers to be health-conscious and to implement sustainable long-term health habits in their organizations. In this episode, our moderator Elina Tiliba together with her guest Māris Žunda, will look at how we can use health performance habits to boost our confidence, make better decisions, take on more ambitious challenges, and live more constructive, fulfilling, and tolerant lives.

BOTTOM LINE STUDIO: Our guest Katrīne Judovica

We have some exciting news to share with you! We have a new moderator on board, and we are delighted to welcome RBS Bachelor Programs director Claudio Rivera to moderate the second episode of Bottom Line Studio. We welcome an experienced C-suite leader, an Executive MBA Alumna, and a charismatic person as a guest – Katrine Judovica. Katrīne is an exceptional leader, generous person, and a never-ending source of inspiration. She has 20+ years of executive management experience in the retail industry and she is an expert in building an international business in Latvia. Thus this week’s discussion will focus on leadership in many of its forms. What is the best way to become a successful CEO? How do you lead in various industries?