Jevgenijs Belezjaks

Head of Supervisory board, Getliņi EKO

Deputy Head of Supervisory board, AS Rīgas Siltums

Member of Supervisory board, Latvijas Autoceļu uzturētājs
MBA Alumnus

Jevgenijs Belezjaks: Reflecting on my MBA studies at Riga Business School 

Before I talk about how I use what I learned during my MBA studies, I would like to point out that the teaching methods and the approach to studies gives a lot and allows us to grow independently and is a significant boost to one’s competitiveness in the labour market in future. It is worth studying for this alone!

As regards to what I learned and how I use it in the public sector, then everything is very simple. I have observed that the standard of public sector administration is gradually approaching good corporate practice that are consistent  with OECD recommendations.
Everything in management that used to be only important to the private sector, is gaining momentum in the public sector. I will mention 3 main “novelties” for executives of state companies:
  1. Suddenly one has to deal with strategies. Due to the de-politicisation of the management of state companies, all responsibility for the development and implementation of strategy is put on the shoulders of the Board and Council. Luckily, the RBS MBA program provides a set of tools to accomplish it and avoid helpless dependency on some outsourced consultant.
  2. It is necessary to drive the team of the company forward, considering that all directors were elected independently, each as a result of competition. To create an efficient structure with a clearly defined leadership model is not an easy task in these circumstances. Again: the MBA program facilitates that as it provides a set of specific administration, organisational behaviour and talent management methods.
  3. And, of course, three magical letters ESG. MBA gives access to knowledge that allows you to get introduced to the latest trends in business administration development – sustainability: impact on nature, relations with the public and, certainly, corporate management rules.
I would like to conclude by saying that one should not forget that during the study process people form a lot of new connections with like-minded people  and many of them flourish into a real friendship.
To sum up: you can’t lose anything during the MBA studies. But you can gain a lot and even things you can’t measure with money.